The Rapture of the Church

Are You Ready? Many believe the Lord’s return is imminent:

“The day will come when the voice of the Church will be missing on earth.”—Dr. David Jeremiah.

Updated 4-19-2020: Signs of the Times—The “Left Behind” movies: 1   2   3   4  ◊ “Jesus came—What’s Next?” The ‘Rapture’ by Nathan Jones. Don’t be left behind!

‘What do you know about the Rapture?’ A forum hosted by Dr. David Reagan.

While we can—“How can you leave the Gospel with those who will be left behind at the Rapture?”

April 19, 2020: Christ in Prophecy presents “The Rapture Kit with Scott Townsend”

More about the Rapture:

‘The Rapture’ by Clarence Larkin  ◊ The Second Coming of Christ: D.L. Moody ◊ Bible Prophecies Literally Fulfilled: William E. Blackstone ◊ How to be ready for the Rapture