The Trials of Winter

Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter. Psalm 74:17.

“Some of the insects, quadrupeds, and birds, fall asleep, on the setting in of winter; and are thereby freed from many hardships to which the others are exposed, nor do they awake again, till the sun, by His genial warmth, call them forth to activity in spring.

In like manner, multitudes of the human race in infancy fall asleep in the dust, on the inset of the wintry troubles of life, and awake not from their sweet repose till the sound of the last trumpet proclaim the Resurrection morn.

Let not parents, then, repine at the will of heaven, when any of their offspring in infancy are laid in the grave; knowing, that though they be deprived of the comfort of them here, yet the dear innocents have escaped many troubles and trials in this life, to which adults are exposed, and that the sooner they have got home to their heavenly Father’s house, and the mansions of eternal bliss, is certainly so much the better.

The ‘Eternal’ Spring.

The plough, now loosened in the furrow of the field, is held along the stubborn glebe by the hands of the sturdy rustic, who whistles cheerfully along, while the lark soars above his head, faintly, as yet, recording her notes, rejoicing that the winter is on the decline; but weak though her song at present be, it is a sure indication of the approaching spring.

In like manner, when believers, after affliction, feel their affections, loosened from the things of earth, placed on the things above, and more delight in praising God than ever they have had before; truly grieved because they can praise Him so little—these are happy evidences that their sad winter of trials shall at last terminate in an eternal spring of bliss and joy.”–James Fisher; 1810.

Winter: “Much of the year is pinched, frosted and frozen, so that it is evident this world was not intended for perpetual residence.”–Rev. Thomas De Witt Talmage, DD., 1884. ¹

  • Winter is mentioned in the Bible 15 times (7 in the Old Testament and 8 in the New Testament). ¹
  • Snow is mentioned in the Bible 25 times (22 in the Old Testament and 3 in the New Testament). ¹
  • White as Snow” is mentioned in the Bible 8 times. ¹
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  • Death; Its Mission. “We picture death as coming to destroy; let us rather picture Christ as coming to save. We think of death as ending; let us rather think of life as beginning, and that more abundantly. We think of losing; let us think of gaining. We think of parting; let us think of meeting. We think of going away; let us think of arriving. And as the voice of death whispers, “You must go from earth,” let us hear the voice of Christ saying, “You are but coming to Me!”–Rev. Norman MacLeod; 1812–1872.
  • “God is present always in the midst of sorrow; He knows about it, controls it, restrains it; and in the long run makes all things work together for good to them that love Him.”–Rev. David James Burrell, D.D., LL.D., 1904. Romans 8:28.