ill-will = Backsliding?

“ill-will towards any person”

1839: If ill-will is harbored towards any being that God has made, you cannot continue to enjoy the presence of God; no matter how wicked that being may be, or how worthless, if you hate that being, you are the same as a murderer in the sight of God, and the Spirit of God cannot dwell with you.

—”you must be a backslider”

Sometimes persons who are perhaps really injured, will let it fester in their minds, and rankle there, till it eats out all their piety. You cannot pray when you have any ill-will towards any.

I defy you to pray with such a spirit in you. God will not hear your prayer. If you think you pray, you are deceived. You cannot have the spirit of prayer, nor hold communion with God, in such a state.” “When ye stand praying, Forgive if ye have aught against any, that your Father also, which is in heaven, may forgive you your trespasses.” ¹  –Rev. Charles G. Finney, 1792-1875. † Must I Forgive?