What Is “Prepping”?

A Few Words Associated With Prepping:


Survivalism, Survivalist, Hoarding, Stockpiling, Preparedness, A Fear of the future, Self-Preservation, Self-Sufficiency, Self-Defense, Self-Protection, Self-Reliance, a Sign of the End Times, Preparation for survival during the Great Tribulation.


Definition of a Prepper: “Prepper (noun): An individual or group that prepares or makes preparations in advance of or prior to any change in normal circumstances or lifestyle without significant reliance on other persons (i.e., being self-reliant) or without substantial assistance from outside resources (govt., etc.) in order to minimize the effects of that change on their current lifestyle.” The American Preppers Network; “Freedom Through Teaching Others Self-Reliance.”

What Is A Prepper? “A Prepper is one who practices self-reliance and independence by preparing in advance for any and all foreseeable and unforeseeable changes in normal life.” Jewish Preppers: “Organizing The Tribe, Just In Case.” Is Our Government Prepping? Mass Storage In Marengo, Indiana? Seedbanks Worldwide.


The cost of our Salvation has been paid IN FULL by the Blood Jesus shed for us on the Cross.

Christian Definition of “Prepared”:  i. Someone who has been born again. ii. Someone who has given his/her life to Jesus Christ. iii. Someone who is prepared to meet his Maker. iv. Someone whose name has been written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life. MANY believe TRUE Christians will be Raptured just before the GREAT TRIBULATION occurs—and at that time, (during the Tribulation) the greatest fears of mankind will indeed be unleashed upon this world.
Being ‘prepared’ for the future is only gained through Jesus Christ.
How to be “prepared” for the future ⇒ click here for detailed information.