‘Whatever He Does—Shall Prosper!’

He shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither, and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. ¹ Psalm 1:3

“What a beautiful gradation is here! 1st, “He shall be like a tree;” not a shrub, or bramble, that is of little or no service; but a tree; grafted into Christ the tree of life: Isa. 61:3. Not like a tree that grows wild and unnoticed in the forest. But 2nd; “like a tree planted;” removed out of its natural and unprotected situation, into one much more favorable to its growth; planted by the grace of God.

Mark his situation!

3rd; Not in the burning desert; nor by the side of a brook, that in the time of draught would soon run dry; nor on the bleaky beach where the angry waves would continually cover it with their spray; but “by the rivers of water;” where it shall always find sufficient moisture to support its growth: Ps. civ, 16. Observe, 4th; It is not a tree for fuel, but for fruit; neither is it a barren tree; but a fruit-tree; and one that “bringeth forth his fruit:” Deut. 30:9. God will not suffer barren trees to remain always in His garden: Luke 13:7.

Notice, 5th; It does not say, he brings forth fruit always alike, either in quantity or quality; no, but “in his season.” Neither does it say, it is not to be exposed to storms, tempests, nor dark nights; nor that it shall have no enemies who will endeavor to steal the fruit, or injure the tree; no; but none of these things shall prevent it from bringing forth fruit in its season: Ps. xcii. 12.

The leaves of fig trees in the forest do fade and fall: But 6th; “But his leaf shall not wither;” his profession shall be preserved from decay; while those who bring forth only the leaf of profession, without any good fruit, even that leaf shall wither; and they shall become ashamed of the leaves they have worn. The word of the Lord in the heart will keep the profession green. He is an evergreen, always flourishing: Deut. 11:14-15.

And, 7th;— “Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper;” so that whatever befalls him, all tends to promote his growth. It does not say, if he is a farmer he shall always have an abundant harvest; nor, if a merchant, all gain and no loss; nor, if a tradesman, no disappointment; No, but ” whatever he doeth,” all shall work for his good. Rom. 8:28.”–The Christian’s Legacy; by William Jackson; 1841.