The Trial of Jesus

Dr. David Reagan and Col. Tim Moore interview legal expert Doug Brady—’The Trial of Jesus’ 26:23.

What is the “Petition for Writ of Certiorari And Emergency Stay of Execution”?

“During the study of the Gospel of John…Doug presented a document which he wrote the first time when a student in law school, written at the suggestion of one of his professors. He presents this document to us here. If Pilate would have written something like this and sent it to the Emperor in Rome, thus asking for a stay of execution of Jesus, things would have been different. Of course, it would not have happened as the crucifixion of Jesus was part of God’s Plan for OUR salvation. Had Jesus been pardoned, we would not have a chance to go to Heaven when we die. However, this is a wonderful learning experience to read the document…which you can download here.”  This document was prepared by Doug Brady; Bible Study Teacher, Attorney.   ¹