How Large Was Noah’s Ark?

 “Skeptics have objected to the size of the ark, and have asserted that it is quite absurd to suppose that ever there could be a vessel constructed large enough to hold all the creatures that must have been placed in it, together with sufficient food—(it may be for six or twelve months)—corn for the four-footed animals, seed for the birds, and so on.

Now we will take the dimensions of the ark from the record of Moses, and calculate them on the lowest possible scale. There are two definitions given of a cubit: one that is 18 inches, or a foot and a half—the other that it is 1 loot 8 inches. We will take it at the lowest.

450′ Long x 75′ Wide x 45′ High

Moses states that the ark was 300 cubits long; this would make it 450 feet long. The breadth of it he states to be 50 cubits; we have then 75 feet in breadth. He states it to be 30 cubits high; so that it was 45 feet in height. The tonnage of the ark, according to modern carpenters’ calculations, (1854) must have been 92,000 tons.

The largest English ship of war, the St. Vincent, for instance, which is of a size altogether unimaginable to those who have never seen it, is 3500 tons burthen; so that the ark must have been equal to seventeen first-rate ships of war, and if manned as such ships usually are, it would have contained much beyond 1800 men, and provisions for 18 months.

According to Buffon, all the four footed animals may be reduced to 250 pairs, and the birds to a still smaller number. On calculation, therefore, we find that the ark would have held more than five times the necessary number of creatures, and more than five times the required quantity of food to maintain them for twelve months.”—The Friend; Vol. 27; 1854.

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  • Editor’s notes: According to the dimensions above, the footprint of Noah’s Ark was 33,750 SF, or 0.774 acres  (about 3/4 of an acre). If we multiply this number by the three levels of the Ark, this vessel provided approximately 2.32 acres of usable floor space. STANDING ROOM ONLY: If a formula utilized for determining total crowd density is used (each adult person @ 2.5 SF) 2.32 acres could hold at least 40,500 people.
  • CUBIC VOLUME: Each level, (@ 15′ height) would have provided 506,250 Cubic Feet of cargo space, or a total capacity of 1,518,750 CFT.
  • A comparison: A 50′ Std. railroad boxcar has a capacity of 5,238 CFT (70 – 100 tons)—The Ark’s total storage capacity would have been equal to the same cubic volume of 290 boxcars.
  • If these cars were connected—the line would be 2.75 – 3.0 miles long!
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