‘Courting God’s Wrath’

‘The Abomination of Abortion’—An Article by Dr. David Reagan:

“Since 1973 Americans have been killing their babies at the rate of 4,000 per day, or 1 1/2 million per year. The 40th anniversary of the Court’s decision in 2013 will mark a total slaughter of almost 60 million babies. That’s ten times the death count of Hitler who murdered 6 million Jews.

In all the wars the United States has fought since the Revolutionary War — including the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — the number of Americans killed totals 848,163. We kill almost twice that many babies in America every year in the name “of freedom of choice for women.”

  • “The Word of God makes it clear that abortion is murder”
  •  “We require parental consent for a girl to get her ears pierced. But she can get birth control pills and an abortion without anyone’s consent. We protect bald eagles and their eggs with stiff fines and prison sentences while we encourage people to kill their unborn babies. We weep over the killing of whales and rejoice over the slaughter of human babies.”
  • “Why is an eagle in the egg considered to be an eagle, but a baby in the womb is not considered to be a human being?”
  • “The ultimate consequence is going to be the wrath of God, if we refuse to repent. This nation is crying out for judgment. We are kindling the wrath of God.”Dr. David Reagan.

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