The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower

How lawn mower blades work:

Q: How does a lawn mower blade cut the full length of the blade, when only the ends of the blade are sharpened? Actually, (if you’re using a ‘push-mower’) the lawnmower’s blade cuts a swath of about four inches–as it is moved forward or backwards. The width of the deck and length of the blade determine the width of the cut.

Best answer? “The tip of the blade is traveling the fastest because it is spinning around a larger radius than the parts that are closer to the spindle so it will give the best cut, that’s why the entire blade is not sharpened. The blade is constantly spinning, that’s why an entire pass is cut while only 4 inches of the blades are actually sharpened. Picture a cup with wet paint on the brim. If you put the cup brim down on a piece of paper and slide it across, you will get a line of paint the width of the diameter of the cup. The brim represents the outer sharpened edges of the blade while the unsharpened edges of the blade are represented by the empty middle of the cup.” Source: Windsory

Mowing speed is increasing–SUPER Mowers:

Mowers for small yards:

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