Japan’s Largest Earthquake

Eight Years Ago Today:

March 11, 2011: A massive earthquake measuring apx. 8.9 in magnitude has occurred in Japan’s coastal waters. The earthquake was centered off-shore, approximately 15.2 miles deep–in an area north-east of Honshu, Japan.

Japan’s National Police Agency reported on 4-27-2012; the following statistics regarding the M9.0 earthquake of 3-11-2011:

  • “Total Confirmed Deaths: 15,857 (“The number of confirmed deaths is 15,894 as of June 10, 2016, according to the reconstruction agency. More than 2,500 people are still reported missing.”) ¹
  • Total Missing:  3,057
  • Total Injured: 6,024″

“The quake was the biggest Japan has experienced since records began, eclipsing the 7.9-magnitude Great Kanto Earthquake that devastated Tokyo in 1923 and the 6.8-magnitude quake that hit Kobe in 1996. It was the world’s seventh-largest on record, according to the US Geological Survey.” (USGS).

What is the ‘Richter Scale’? The Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale? “The Mercalli Intensity Scale was developed by the Italian volcanologist Giuseppe Mercalli in 1884 and expanded to include 12 degrees of intensity in 1902 by Adolfo Cancani. It was modified again by Harry O. Wood and Frank Neumann in 1931. It is known today as the Modified Mercalli Intensity Scale.” ¹

“Japan Earthquake Shifts Earth’s Mass and Moves Its Axis.” ¹

UPDATES: “As of 3-14-2011, this event is now reported by the news to have been at least a M9.0 earthquake, and the USGS says more than 275 aftershocks registering 5.0 magnitude have been recorded.” (3-13-11). 3-11-2019: The USGS website indicates this earthquake was M9.1. The financial loss associated with this disaster was expected to exceed $310 Billion dollars.


  • Earthquakes are mentioned 16 times in the Bible.
  • “Earthquakes have claimed millions of lives in the last 100 years.”  ¹  ²
  • The Alaskan earthquakes of 1964, 2018. Read more about earthquakes here.
  • Which States in the U.S. have the fewest earthquakes? Florida and North Dakota. 
  • Which State in the U.S. experiences the most damage from earthquakes? California.
  • Since 1900, the largest earthquake that has occurred in the United States was in Alaska (3-28-1964) M9.2. That earthquake is also the world’s 2nd largest magnitude recorded since 1900. The San Francisco earthquake of 1906 was M8.3.
  • The World’s largest recorded earthquake was on May 22, 1960. (M9.5)

Earthquakes can happen anytime-at any place! ¹