Prayers For The ‘Hurricane Season’

“DURING THE HURRICANE SEASON” (Published in 1856).

“0 Lord our God, Thou art the Almighty God. Thou art the God of the ocean as well as of the dry land. The winds and waves are under Thy control. The winds cannot blow, nor the waves of the sea lift up themselves on high, but by Thy permission and at Thy command. When Thou wiliest, the winds blow and the waves rage; and when Thou wiliest, there is a calm. When thou sayest to the infuriated elements, hither shalt Thou come and no farther, instantly Thy voice is obeyed.

In Thy sovereign providence we are brought into great peril. The threatening winds are howling around us; our soul is melted because of trouble. 0 Lord, we cry unto Thee in our day of trouble! Oh bring us out of our distresses! Save, Lord, or we perish. Command the winds to be still, and they will instantly obey Thee. But if any of us should perish, oh let not our souls perish: but through the death of Jesus, Who endured the storms of divine wrath, may they be preserved from hell, and may they enter heaven. Thy will be done! Graciously hear our prayer, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.”


“O Lord our God, Thou art most mighty and merciful, and Thy mercy is over all Thy works. We appear before Thee, to present our thanksgivings for the great deliverance Thou hast wrought for us. If Thou hadst dealt with us according to our deserts, we would have been cut off in the midst of our sins, and our souls sent to the lowest hell. In the midst of judgment Thou hast remembered mercy. Glory to Thy gracious name, that Thou hast extended towards us the arm of Thy mercy, and not the hand of Thy vengeance!

0 Lord, we have seen Thy wonders, and Thou hast manifested the greatness of Thy power in raising the storm, and then in commanding the raging tempest to be still. We thank our God and Father that Thou hast heard our supplications, and hast preserved our lives and our property. Thou hast not dealt with us according to our sins, neither hast Thou rewarded us according to our iniquities.

0 Lord, we cried unto Thee, and Thou didst deliver us out of our distress. Thou didst send forth Thy commandment, and the stormy wind was turned into a calm. Holy Spirit, enable us to praise our protecting and delivering God for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to us, the children of men. Let our preserved lives be ever devoted unto Thee, 0 Jesus, who hast saved us from impending danger, and laid down Thy life to save us from the miseries of hell.

May the obedience and holiness of our future lives testify the unfeigned gratitude of our souls; and deeply impress our hearts with a grateful sense of Thy goodness towards us, that we may love Thee more fervently, serve Thee more cheerfully, and trust in Thy salvation more assuredly, than we have done hitherto. Suffer us not to become careless, because Thou hast lengthened out our unprofitable lives, which must soon terminate; but make us more watchful and diligent, from gratitude for Thy mercies vouchsafed to us. 0 Lord, be to us the God of our salvation.

It is better to trust in Thee, 0 Lord, than to put confidence in man. Thou art our refuge and our God, and we will praise Thee. We will give thanks unto Thee; for Thou art good, and Thy mercy endureth forever. Amen.”–Benjamin Kurtz, DD., LLD., 1856.