BC or BCE?

Are all abbreviations for Christ appropriate?

BC= Before Christ ~ or BCE= Before Common Era. An example; 1575 BC or 1575 BCE. Supposedly, “Common” = refers to the most commonly used calendar (the Gregorian, or “Christian” Calendar), introduced by Pope Gregory x111 (1502 – 1585) in 1582.

AD= The meaning of AD is Anno Domini (In the year of the Lord). The abreviated  term,  CE= Common Era, is being used much more these days–in the place of AD. Many believe the CE reference will eventually replace the use of AD.

  • Unbelievers prefer to avoid the mention of Christ, or Christians–and use the word “Common” in place of  a reference to Christ;  ie;  BCE= Before Common Era vs Before Christ.


  • Should Christians use BC as the preferred standard reference to our history? Or  BCE?—AD or CE? Should we accept both meanings?
  1. The BC/AD dating system was created in AD 525 by Dionysius Exiguus, who was attempting to date the Christian Easter Festival.
  2. After many years passed, and the discoveries of new historical documents had occurred–some believed the efforts of Dionysius Exiguus contained several errors; including the wrong birth date of Christ.
  3. Thus, the supporters of a new dating system proposed their solution to the matter–The BCE and CE system would resolve this issue, and also, settle the complaints of  those countries and people who would reject the “Christian Calendar” and the references to Christ. There are those who believe “Dionysius Exiguus got it right“.

Other efforts to remove Christ from our vocabulary:

Christians celebrate Christmas as the birthday of their Saviour, while others refer to that day as just a “Happy Holiday.”

We can make an effort to keep God first in every aspect of our lives–or not. As an example; when we choose NOT to take Christ out of Christmas–we write Christmas instead of Xmas. The world might tell you the use of  “Xmas” was originated for the sake of convenience, and the abbreviation actually references “Christ”. Rev. Franklin Graham authored the following; “The Name of Christ is an offense to the unbelieving world. The mention of His birth, life, or death and resurrection, is an insult. The world, the flesh and the Devil all hate the mere mention of His glorious Name. They are mortal enemies of the Savior.” (2014)

Attorney and home schooler; Andrew Schlafly started his own version of Wikipedia as a result of  his adamant rejection of the BCE/CE system.