Easter Blessings from President Trump—Is this the most Christian Whitehouse ever?

Pastor Robert Jeffress’ comments regarding this Easter.


April 12, 2020: “It was the door of eternity which the angel opened when he rolled back the stone from the sepulchre through which the Spiritual life of Christ with all that it accomplishes, came for the illumination of the Church and the conquest of the world.

What the weak and wandering soul of man most of all needs is the assurance of a living Saviour, who imparts everlasting life to His followers.

And as we stand before that open tomb, astounded at the earthquake, at the appearance of the angels, at the figures of the Roman soldiers lying there as dead men, at the amazed women, we see that the meaning of all these circumstances is the Risen Lord, whom the grave could not hold.

A Living Christ in our hearts is the fountain of a new life for us every day. The Risen Christ is a Living Christ: for this, ever blessed be His name!”—T. S. Doolittle.


“The very existence of the Christian church is a proof of the resurrection of Jesus. “Faith in mere visions or phantoms may produce phantoms, but not such a phenomenon as the Christian church, the greatest fact and the mightiest institution in the history of the world.”—Proof Of The Resurrection; The Teacher’s Commentary (on the book of Acts)–By Francis Nathan Peloubet; DD., 1901.


“OUR FATHER, we pray that thy victorious spirit may lift us up into the light of this day, as into the light of morning. Our life and immortality are revealed in thy Son, Jesus Christ. Help us to enter triumphantly upon our eternal inheritance.

Forbid that we should walk thy world with the downward look, when the light of the knowledge of thy glory lies all about us and is within us. May our inner life be sustained and illuminated by the consciousness that we are now thy children, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but our birthright is to become like thee, and see thee as thou art.

May every earthly experience be invested with this transforming light. May we accept with serenity the denials and sorrows of life, knowing they are but for a moment. Their brevity and shadow disclose, as they pass, the abiding strength and beauty of the spirit.

Help us to take lightly into our hands the values of earth and time, ready at any moment to let them go. May our desires be attempted and chastened by the knowledge of our true riches. All things are ours, the life that now is and that which is to come. In the presence of the heavenly and eternal, may we be ashamed of the cares of life which often bow us to the earth.

The Cross—From 1879

We would not be servants, but children. May the duties of life be to us, not the toil of a slave, but the service of an immortal child about His Father’s business, so may our daily path lie always in the light of thy face and under the guidance of thine eye.

We pray that we may not grieve for those whom thou hast taken to thyself. May we rather keep much in their company, entering into their joy and victory. We would be held back from pursuits unworthy of us and from pleasures which enslave us by an abiding sense that we belong to that heavenly company.

Grant that this consciousness of a great cloud of witnesses, the redeemed and the glorified, may lift us to larger vision, gird our spirits for nobler purposes and steady us for endurance and sacrifice. If at any moment the light of eternal life grows dim and our hearts faint, turn our eyes to Him, the Captain of our salvation, who has led captivity captive. In His life, death is swallowed up in victory. May His name be glorified in us–now and evermore. Amen.”—The Homiletic Review; VOL. 59; January to June; 1910. The Cross (type-set image)—Frank Leslie’s Sunday Magazine, Volume 6; July-December; 1879, Conducted By Pastor Chas. F. Deems, DD., LLD.

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Please keep all those affected by the coronavirus, and our world-wide Christian brothers and sisters in your prayers. God bless you and yours! N27WC. Read more about Easter here. The power of His resurrection.

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