What Would You Have Me Preach?

chspurgeonRev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834 – 1892) was a British Baptist minister who gained world-wide recognition from Christians of all denominations. It has been said that Spurgeon preached to over ten-million people during his ministry.


“A dear old Christian man, said to me, one day, when I was at his house to dinner, “My dear sir, I wish you would not preach those invitation sermons. You are too general in your appeals; you seem to press the people so much to come to Christ…

“I do not like it; for it is not at all consistent with my doctrinal views.”— “I replied, what would you have me preach?” 

“Well, sir,” he said, “though I don’t like such preaching, yet it is evident that the Lord does; for my son-in-law was converted to God under one of those sermons; and when I came home, the other Sunday, so angry with you for being such a Fullerite, there was my daughter crying fit to break her heart; so,” he added, “don’t you take any notice of an old man like me. As long as God blesses you, you go on in your own way.” I said to him, ” But, my dear brother, don’t you think, if God approves of this kind of preaching, that you ought to like it, too?”

“Well,” he answered, “perhaps I ought; but I am an old man, and I have always been brought up in those views. I am afraid I shall not get out of them; but don’t you take the slightest notice of what I say.”

That was exactly what I had determined in my own mind that I would do, so we agreed after all.”—The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon; 1898.