A Rabbi’s Testimony

1896: “To the effects of the study—of the New Testament”

“A few months ago, in the Soko, or market in Mogado, a number of Jews were standing round’ and listening to one of the company who was reading to them from a copy of “The Old Paths.” A Hungarian Rabbi who was passing by, stopped, and having listened to the reading for a short time, said to the reader, “The book which you are reading is quite as dangerous to you as the New Testament; and if you continue reading it, you will cease to be a good ]ew,—you will be perverted.”

One of those standing by answered him, “But, Rabbi, we read the New Testament now and then, and yet we are not perverted.”

The Rabbi shook his head and said, “I am old now and have traveled far, but believe me, in all my life and during all my journeys I have never yet found a Jew, who, having read the New Testament, has not become a Christian in heart, although he may still attend the synagogue.”—The Jewish Era; A Christian Quarterly; Vol. 5-6; The Jewish Missionary Advocate; 1896