Contact Us

Contact us if you have questions or comments regarding:

  • N27WC (North 27 Worship Center)
  • Having someone included on our prayer list
  • Church Membership (how to join this church)
  • Project Feed Wayne County (PFWC)
  • Donating money,  food, items or materials & services to N27WC or PFWC
  • Donations to our 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization are Tax Deductible; (Additionally, please remember you can bequeath cash donations and other assets to N27WC and/or its church missions, such as Project Feed Wayne County.) Please click on “legacygifts” below for more info.
  • Bible Study
  • Having a Pastor contact you 
  • Directions to N27WC


Email Pastor Robert E. Johnson or call the Church Office: 765-962.7130

North 27 Worship Center † 5172 U.S. Highway 27 North † Richmond, Indiana, 47374


Find us on this map.

N27WC Google Map: Click on the screen to start the interactive features of this 360 degree presentation from Google. You can change the angle of the view by dragging your cursor (left click your mouse and continue to hold the left button down, while moving the mouse) in the direction you wish to view. The image will sharpen as the page reloads for each view. To zoom in on the image, double click (left button on the mouse) or click on the + or – option on the screen tab. If you click on “View Larger Map” a new page will open–be sure and use the left arrow at the top left side of your computer screen to return to this page. If you click the “X” icon at the top right side of your computer screen, you will end your visit to this site.



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