(2) What Christmas Means To Me

“TO think upon the Saviour at His birthtime gives hope for the true and eternal life. While time lasts there is nothing to equal this truth in comforting the heart of man.

I have felt this wonderful grace envelop me, and desire to welcome the newly born Light which dispels the gloom of hopelessness without Christ. This hope, already fulfilled, is a fact ever to be remembered in order to lead our children and wives to wear this robe of righteousness, to sing these songs of praise, to rejoice in this light, to hear these blessed words, to welcome eternal glory through the Christmas meaning. Is not this highest bliss?

All nations share in this Christmas gift of eternal life. But without prayer and faith it cannot be obtained. Without the leading of the Holy Spirit man’s own strength would be futile. What I myself have received through Christmas I wish everyone everywhere to obtain!”–Han Bao Ying, Tsingtau, China; The Assembly Herald; Vol. 15; 1909.

What does Christmas mean to you?