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An Illustration From 1913


The following illustration will be helpful for your purpose; it has been told so that the children have never forgotten it—

Showing a watch the speaker asked, What is this that I hold in my hand? —A watch. How do you know it is a watch?—It ticks. Taking off the case he held it in one hand and the works in the other. You see I now have two watches. Which is the real watch?—The littlest one in your right hand. How do you know?—It ticks.

Very well. Now I will lay aside the case and put it back here on the table. Now let us see if you can hear the watch tick.—Yes, yes, we hear it, exclaimed several voices. Well, the watch can tick and keep time, you see, when the case is taken off and put away. So is it with you; your body is nothing but the case, the soul is inside.

The case, the body, may be taken off and buried in the ground, and the soul will live and think, just as well as this watch will go, as you see, when the case is off.” –A Teacher’s Guide To International Sunday School Lessons; Martha Tarbell; 1913.