Where is the Most Dangerous Place for an African American?

“In his July essay, the Rev. Clenard Childress, Jr. noted that 52 percent of all African American pregnancies end in abortion and that whereas abortion is the most common operation performed on women, it is also “the least regulated medical procedure” and is often “completely ignored by health regulation enforcement.” “Induced abortion is the leading cause of death in the United States and accounts for a disturbing 61 percent of deaths of African Americans, according to researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.”  ¹

“The most dangerous place for an African American…is in the womb.”—Dr. Clenard Childress Jr.

“Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. | Black Genocide in 21st Century America”

“Why the Most Dangerous Place for African Americans is the Womb”—EWTN.

‘It’s Genocide in Our Community’: Black Leaders Say Planned Parenthood Targeting African Americans; CBN News, June 14, 2019.

Who was Margaret Sanger?

“Margaret Sanger Exposed” 10-11-16. BCTV

When does Life Begin? “From the moment of conception it (the human embryo) is the receptacle of a human soul.” Dr. Edwin M. Hale, MD.,1867.

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