How Many Christians Are There?


Worldwide Religion Estimates (source: World Fact Book) Christian: (2010) 31.4% of the world’s population; Muslim: 23.2%, Hindu: 15%, Buddhist: 7.1%

CIA: Christian 31.4%, Muslim 23.2%, Hindu 15%, Buddhist 7.1%, folk religions 5.9%, Jewish 0.2%, other 0.8%, unaffiliated 16.4% (2018 Est.)

The Pew Research Center reported in April, 2017 the following:

  • Christian: 2.3 Billion
  • Muslim: 1.8 Billion, Unaffiliated: 1.2 Billion, Hindus: 1.1 Billion, Buddhists: 500 Million

Total Christians in the United States: (2010) 78.3% of the population, or 243+ million (Pew Research Center) 2

Population Estimates–source: U.S. Census Bureau (3/21/2018)

World Population: 7,461,395,612—say 7.5 billion

CIA: 7,503,828,180 (2018 est.)

The 10 Most Populated Countries—Estimates rounded:

  1. China: 1.4 Billion
  2. India: 1.3 Billion
  3. United States: 330 Million
  4. Indonesia: 263 Million
  5. Brazil: 209 Million
  6. Pakistan: 208 Million
  7. Nigeria: 195 Million
  8. Bangladesh: 160 Million
  9. Russia: 142 Million
  10. Japan: 126 Million
Summary: Christianity is the World’s largest religion, and the United States is, contrary to what you might hear—A Christian Nation!
1897—“In the whole of the first hundred years after the birth of Christ the additions to the Church were only 500,000, but now it is increasing at the rate of 100,000 per year. In the year 1800 there were 200,000,000 nominal Christians in the whole world. During the next ninety years that number was augmented by 70,000,000. “Thus on the average Christianity expanded more than thirty times faster during each decade of the missionary century than it did during each decade of the previous eighteen centuries.”
Dr. Peck then considers the facts as related to the United States. At the beginning of the present century the church membership was only one out of eighteen of the population; while now it is one out of four and one-half of the population. That is, our church membership has increased from about seven per cent, to nearly twenty-five per cent, of the population. It is estimated that not more than 8,750,000 copies of the Bible had been printed in the world up to the year 1804, but since that time 256,000,000 copies have been issued.
We are well aware that figures are not always reliable. All who bear the Christian name do not possess the spirit of Christ; and yet the figures do bear a certain testimony to the value of Christianity. They unquestionably show that, while in certain localities the type of Christianity may have been higher in other times, in the world at large the progress has been greater than the most sanguine Christian would have imagined if he were not familiar with the facts. We believe these figures do not exaggerate the advancement which the Church has made during what is properly called the greatest mission century in its history.—The Outlook; 1897

“Filmmakers need to make movies that overtly reflect the faith and values of Christians,” Dr. Baehr concluded. “Hollywood and the mass media cannot afford to ignore biblical values or Jesus Christ and His Gospel.” He pointed out that more than three quarters of Americans (238 million people), and 2.3 billion people around the world, belong to the Christian faith.”—Source

“Our nation was built on a foundation of strong faith, and in some respects, that core belief in God hasn’t changed. According to many researchers, 88% of Americans believe in God, 85% believe in miracles, 77% pray outside of religious services and 75% believe it’s a parent’s responsibility to give children a religious upbringing.”—Source