Testimony Of A Recovering Addict

My name is Susan Sexton I am a recovering addict. I have experienced lots of things in the dark destructive path of addiction. Today I walk with JESUS and He is control of my life. I share my hope today with others, and I also capture other people’s feelings of their own struggles. This poem was written for a friend that wanted to share her love for CHRIST and to let him know that she loved him, as well as let him know who JESUS CHRIST is.

Bad things happen even when there is good inside
GOD gave you a smack down
all along you wonder why


the one who gave his life for you
eternity starts from within
broken hearts can become new

you’ve been very sick

I’ve sat by your side
always got your back
I would never tell you bye

GODS doing his work

in your heart and mine
I love you from the bottom of my heart
I think it’s the right time

I now introduce you 2 our saviour  JESUS CHRIST

the one they call the messiah
the one that gave his own life
ask for forgiveness
his arms are open wide
he will also never leave you
never high and dry
he can wash your sins away
he can break that ball and chain
JESUS CHRIST died for your sins
just pray he will guide your way


(Editors Note:  A second submission by Susan Sexton)

Sitting down as I start 2 think
how did my life turn out this way
addiction has destroyed me and taken you
what are the odds our own child can fight this 2

7 years old so fragile but smart

how will he feel when he finds out
o.d. stopped daddy’s heart
lonely and confused I hit my knee’s

Lord I ask you 2 move even closer 2 me

your love and warmth I really need
along with all of my kids that one day will stand right next 2 me

shields of protection I ask of you 2-day

cover them keep them safe in your palm I do pray

starting at the bottom with addiction a plus

GOD grant me the serenity 2 build my family back up

Love and warmth on a foundation of you

Editors Note: If you are struggling with addiction and need help, please contact us or visit us.  Contact information for North 27 Worship Center can be found here.
Susan Sexton has a wonderful testimony of deliverance that she is happy to share.  Check out her ministry group on Facebook, Unchained Praises. 

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